iPhone 5 3D Camera Just Like LG Optimus 3D And HTC EVO 3D

The Apple iPhone 5 latest news: a 3D camera just like the one on LG Optimus 3D and HTC EVO 3D. The report is now already republished by many blog and news sites is just another rumor which comes out a month or two before the launch of the new iPhone 5.

Is Apple soon planning to add two or more rear-facing cameras and sensors to its iPhone, which would allow users to take pictures and display them in 3D?

If sources are to be believed, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office this week revealed a patent application from Apple related to 3D picture taking entitled “Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors.”

Further on it, AppleInsider confirmed that the filing described a system that would capture, process and render 3D images with the accompanying dual-camera hardware.

Apple is said to be creating hardware with multiple imaging systems, employing separate luma, chroma and depth/distance sensors that would capture images and further turn them into a single, three-dimensional picture.

In addition to still images, Apple’s system would also be able to record video in 3D.

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