SwiftKey X — A More Intelligent Keyboard for Android

SwiftKey is an intelligent keyboard for your Android device. But, it needs to be taught. With the original SwiftKey, you let it learn your typing habits and allow it to analyze the messages you put into your phone. Once it has learned enough, SwiftKey can make your typing faster by offering you word predictions that spell exactly as you would spell them.

With SwiftKey’s latest beta release for SwiftKey X, you get a more intelligent learner–and a little bit controversial, I might say. Like a good student, the original SwiftKey quietly observes your typing manners on your Android device and learns your typing habits. The more you type, the more material it has to learn.

SwiftKey X takes its learning a step further by expanding its sources of data to analyze. And, here lies the controversial aspect. If you allow it, SwiftKey X can look through your Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook messages–in addition to the SMS text and email messages you send on your phone, that is–and analyze them. This means that SwiftKey X will get more material about your typing habit and, thus, can learn how your fingers work much more deeply than the original SwiftKey can.

For some people, applications asking for access permissions to online accounts can be a privacy and security issue. Many people who have tried the SwiftKey X beta, however, claim that the necessary tradeoff is worth it.

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