Bigwords App For Android A Boon For Students

College can be a big money pit. Everyone knows that its expensive – that’s why there are student loans after all – but it can actually get pretty ridiculous. One of the prime examples is the cost of textbooks. For what are essentially information aides, you will have to pay a whole lot of cash up to a hundred dollars a book. You sometimes won’t even be using them again after the course!

 Well, if you’re in a bit of a bind with textbooks, the usual route is the second-hand shop. However, they’re kind of hit and miss. After all, availability for particular books can be a bit sporadic. However, here’s a new app to help you out! is a textbook aggregator website. It accepts ads from college students that are looking to buy, sell or rent new and used paper books and electronic books. The site has been around for awhile and the app has been seen on the iPhone and iPad. The company has decided to expand its reach though and they’ve finally put out an Android app

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