Android 'Key Lime Pie 6.0' comes after Jelly Bean 5.0

Most of you have heard about  Ice Cream Sandwich the latest Android OS,,, Some of you might know about Android OS Jelly Bean V5,,,But here is the latest report by The Verge about future project of Android OS may be coded as Key Lime Pie 6.0....

Google plans to continue the trend of naming Android builds — in alphabetical order — after deserts, according to a report from The Verge. First there was Cupcake, then Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Gingerbread and finally Ice Cream Sandwich. The next major Android build will be named Jelly Bean. Even though Google has not officially acknowledged the next version of Android, it is believed that “Jelly Bean” could be released as soon as this summer.

We've been tipped by a reliable source today that Google will be using the name "Key Lime Pie" for the version of Android that comes after Jelly Bean (in fact, the information comes from the very same source that tipped us to the Jelly Bean codename last year). We don't have any guidance on when we might see Key Lime Pie officially unveiled or what the version number may be — we haven't even seen Jelly Bean yet, after all — but it's reasonable to think that it could be a 2013 deliverable, particularly as Google has slowed down Android's iterative pace over the past couple versions.

In the meantime, start getting used to the "KLP" acronym. (And for bonus points, name some other desserts that start with "K.")

The Verge claims that “Key Lime Pie” will come after Jelly Bean, however no details surrounding the OS were provided and no launch time frame was supplied beyond speculation that Google will launch Key Lime Pie in 2013.

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