How to Root Samsung Galaxy S2 without voiding the warranty??

We all know how alluring the custom ROMs are for Android devices, but only problem while installing the custom ROM is it requires you to root the device. Well what's wrong in rooting the device?? Nothing!! Except that the warranty gets void and when you own a device worth 30k, you dont wanna screw things up!!

Ever wondered how nice it would be if you could root your Galaxy S2 and still have the warranty?? Well, stop wondering now because there is a way in which you can root your device and still have the warranty!!

USB Jig is a small device which can be mounted in your micro USB port. This jig will allow you to get your phone into download mode when your phone is 3 button combo disabled or soft bricked. As long as there is something on the screen, the jig should work for you.

This JIG also works to reset the flashing counter of Galaxy S2 I9100. You can flash custom ROMS and put the flash counter back to 0.

How to reset custom Binary counter on Samsung Galaxy S2 i9100 using USB Jig
  • Turn off your phone completely and remove the battery for 10-15 seconds
  • Put the battery back but don't switch on the device
  • Plug the USB Jig to Micro USB port of your phone
  • Wait for around 2-3 seconds
  • You phone screen will show "ERASING DOWNLOAD INFORMATION SUCCEEDED" in ODIN mode and Custom Binary Download : No

Now you can remove the battery and restart the phone.You will also notice that the yellow triangle which comes at start-up is gone now. 

Below is a video explaining how exactly you can do the USB Jig thing!! 

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