Galaxy S3 AIO ( Introduction of S-Cloud + Galaxy S3 launch on May 3 & Amazon Germany Started taking pre-orders

While a few Android manufacturers have establi
shed partnerships to take their devices into the cloud era (like HTC did with Dropbox), others, such as ASUS and Apple, decided to build their own cloud storage services from scratch. It has long been suggested that Samsung would follow the latter path, and new information suggests that Sammy’s cloud storage service might finally be ready for launch.

We already know that the Samsung Galaxy S3, or at least “the next Galaxy”, will be launched on May 3 at a press event in London. But the rumor mill hasn’t stopped churning for a second. According to a leak from Korean website Maeil Business, Samsung might unveil its answer to the iCloud, the S-Cloud, at the same event.
Maeil Business’ sources go on to suggest that the S-Cloud won’t have any limitations or restrictions, like those found on Apple’s service. It will allow users to store any content they desire on Sammy’s cloud servers. The storage service is expected to be available on all Samsung devices including tablets, laptops, TVs, and, of course, smartphones.
Samsung has been reported to collaborate with Microsoft to create the S-Cloud infrastructure. This is not entirely surprising, considering that Microsoft’s SkyDrive storage is available on Samsung’s range of Wifi-enabled digital cameras. Apart from supposedly offering more than “just” 5GB of storage, the S-Cloud service is expected to feature streaming of HD quality movies and TV shows, along with music content. No information of how much of this will be free or a paid service is available as of now.
We will likely have to wait till May 3 to get the full picture on Samsung’s S-Cloud, but if the service does work as promised, it will help make the Samsung Galaxy S3 that much more attractive. Like it wasn’t already. What are your thoughts? Is the S-Cloud a big step forward for Samsung or just a case of the me-too syndrome?

Samsung Galaxy S3 pre-order page goes live on Amazon Germany

Click here for placing order

With only 12 days left until the big unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S3, consumers aren’t the only ones getting anxious about the super phone. Amazon Germany, as spotted by the folks at BestBoyz, may have jumpstarted an online retailer war by having the product page of the Galaxy S3 up on their website quite early in the game.
The listing of the Samsung Galaxy S3 on Amazon reveals specs that fall pretty much within what have already been speculated before, and there have been a lot of speculations, to say the least. The phone is to come with a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED screen, 12MP camera, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and 16GB internal storage.  One interesting tidbit of information is the price of the phone listed there, which is set at €599 or $790.

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