Increase your Android Internal Memory

You guys must be wondering why we are doing this ?
Well their are plenty of reasons but most common are covered here :
1. Thinking of expanding Internal SD card Storage ?
2. Android low-end Phones who have got tiny Internal Memory. Now what to do ?
3. Fed up with transferring Application from Internal SD to External SD with Android to SD or similar app.
4. Android Geek ? want to install most of the Applications including giga Apps (32GB internal Memory is very less for AndOs geeks.
5. Some of you wanna install Applications directly in External SD card.
6. Internal Memory (Internal SD card) is corrupted that means "unable to format/create partition on Internal Storage" which would lead to Hardware Brick.
7. last but not the least its very useful for Developers.

CAUTION : If Something bad would happen to your Android Phone. We are not responsible. Do it at your own risk.

In this tutorial, we will make 2 pieces of partitions, one for storage of SD card (FAT / FAT32) and one for application storage that would increase the smartphone internal memory space (Ext2).

Important! You must do it! Backup (copy) all of the contents of your SD Card into your computer's hard drive before you create a partition on your SD card, because when you create a partition it is directly will format your sd card, so that it will caused your data on SD card will be lost.

Tutorial how to create partition on SD card : Just for EXAMPLE we are using SAMSUNG GALAXY MINI >>>
  1. MiniTool Partition Wizard - Free HOME Download from official site here
  2. Install the software.
  3. Unplug / remove the SD card from you android Smartphone, and insert the SD card into the Memory Card Reader, and then plug the Memory Card Reader to the computer.
  4. Open The MiniTool Partition Wizard Home Edition that you have downloaded before.
  5. Find the name of your SD Card, usually on Disk 2. in this case I have GALMINS5570(look the picture below), with 7.42GB capacity (8GB).
     6. If you have found it, right click the drive name of your SD card >> Delete.

    7. Right-click again >> Create Partition

    8. Settings, as shown below, then click the OK button.

      9. For number 3, just change according to size that you want. In the picture is unallocated Space   After: 835.79 MB that means that the future internal memory my smartphone will increase to 835.79 MB + 180 MB (default) = 1 Giga .

    10. The first partition is created. Now right-click the drive with symbol *: under the drive's the first partition that you created earlier >> right click and click Create

   11.  then will appear an option box, Just Click Yes set the parameter according to the following picture, then click the OK button. 

   12.  Then Click Apply button.Then will appear box like the picture below

  13. Choose Yes wait until the process complete, see the picture below

  14. Click OK, and your SD card now have 2 pieces of Partition! Then close MiniTool program Partition Wizard Home Edition and then copy back all the contents of your SD card that you have backup on your pc/laptop. 

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