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Available on android and iOS platform

Diigo is another app connecting to Diigo on-line service that offers another type of app to manage your website bookmarking, network of connections, working groups and wider community.   One could describe it as Mendeley meets LinkedIn, a library social bookmarking tool.   Like any social media service, you need to register with the service.   There are different membership levels from free to paid.

The mobile apps enable the user to view, edit and share social bookmarking in Diigo library.   However the iOS versions offer a functionality that Mendeley the ability for the user to install additional bookmarking features in the Safri, enabling one touch solution to bookmarking website to your Diigo library, which fulfills are students requirements of a simple ubiquitous learning solution.   The iOS bookmarking features:

·       On the iPhone you can install bookmarklet that enables when you bookmark to save a web page to your library on Diigo. 

·      On the iPad version you can install a web highlighter tool in the bookmark bar, this tool has additional functionality to just bookmarking to Diigo, the user can add sticky notes (Post-its), apply highlighter to sections of the web page, all will be stored as image overlays when you view page again through your Diigo app or Diigo on-line in my Library.

Diigo essentially enables users to build library of websites with annotations attached to the websites, useful app for any learner to manage their on-line learning resources.  However, it should be noted that the library stores the web address details only not the full citation reference details as in Mendeley.   However, the Safari bookmarking and social networking facility of Diigo makes the app more simple digitally, [1] and fits with our student ubiquitous learning lifestyle particularly when sharing resources in group work assignments, [2].


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