Exclusive Delete Unwanted Empty Folder from Android Free App

Tired of opening your file browser and discovering empty folders all over the place? Sick of the ostentatiously-named useless app files littering your SD card? I am!
Junk files on your sd card can slow down the operation of your system and other apps by making them scan an unnecessary amount of files. Cleaning your sd card regularly can actually speed up you phone!

All tools in the app are easy to configure and remember their last configuration.. it's almost a 1-click operation!
The app includes:
•Dir-leter: The original NoDir tool, this deletes empty folders no matter how deep they're hidden.
•Size-alyzer: Deletes files that are empty (or just really tiny).
•Dupe-tector: Tracks down and deletes duplicate files by comparing size or age.
•App-zapper: Cleans up files left behind by uninstalled apps.

App-zapper currently has hand-written cleaning rules for the following apps that don't store their data in the default location:
- Beautiful Widgets
- Colornote
- Time Recording
- GrooveMobile
- Minecraft PE + demo
- Please help by emailing me more offenders!

Each tool includes:
• Logging to an external file!
• User-defined exclusions, unique to each tool!
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