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Free to all Prezi Licenses Holders (Education license free to anyone in education) on iPhone/iPad, (there is an unofficial app for $1.96 on android app)
Available for iOS/iOS mobile platforms, unofficial app for android
I have used Prezi on-line via my desktop for over 18 months after being introduced to the cloud based dynamic presentation tool by my students in student presentation.   The dynamic nature of Prezi presentation tool is such that any other presentation tool now appears flat and jaded in comparison.   The impact of seeing you first Prezi presentation it inspires you to use immediately, last year it went;
  • My students used Prezi for an assessment presentation to myself and  industrialists in Nov’12;
  • Few days later I used Prezi to present to across University audience of Pro-VCs, Heads of Department both academic and administration;
  • Head of HR was in attendance, who subsequently recommended to my student to use Prezi which he did few days later to present to University Exec’. 
Feedback from the latter student as to why they now use Prezi and their rationale for using on the Prezi iPad app:
"I believe this [Prezi] is a very useful tool and attracts the end-user quicker than using the standard PowerPoint presentation...The ability to be able to bring movement to slides with relevant ease and next to no time is a plus for the software.   

I have used Prezi for iPad for testing purposes, more curiosity than anything else. I find is useful that you can show the presentation to anyone, anywhere on tablet, phone and desktop."
Prezi enables you to combine different presentation styles for example;
·  table top thinking;
·  story narrative;
·  big picture drilling down;
·  a walkthrough through  the material
·  memory lane
·  sequential with parallel interaction, etc
The latter approach has been used to enable to present an entire module in one Prezi presentation, enabling the academics to show at the top level all the class topics that will be learnt and interaction between the subjects, then each class drill down sequential learning of each subject, but also show at parallel level the inter-relationship of each topic, [1].   Extraordinary approach and good practice use of Prezi as a Technology Education Learning tool (TEL).
Prezi on the iPad, the original app only allowed you to browse your presentation, and was great for presentation rehearsals.   However in the Fall’12, the iPhone/iPad app included edit facilities, and the facility to share your presentation.   The edit facility though is designed to be only for-touching and revising existing Prezi presentations already developed using a networked desktop.   Being able to edit text and add photos to your Prezi presentation on the fly, to make modifications correct minor errors, reduces your stress levels, particularly at conferences where access to desktop may be fraught.   With AV adaptor you can present through projector using Prezi app, as the presentation downloads to your iPad you are no dependent on the network.  
If you are a regular using Prezi and have iPad, then this app is a must.   The app removes/reduces the panic when you are rehearsing and you spot errors in your slides when you are at a conference or away from your desk. 
1.      Vodenska, I., Chitkushev, L.  and Burstein, L.  (2012) Ubiquitous Technology Enhanced Learning of complex financial concepts- Pedagogy Improvement in face to face and online teaching environment.  4th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, Porto, Portugal, 16th-18th April 2012

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