Killer Minesweeper Remake Android Exclusive


TWISTOR Taking Minesweeper to a brand-new dimension (3D)
The fantastic original game Twistor, turns you into a minesweeper with a twist.
This amazing new game takes all the classic excitement and challenge of the classic mine sweeping game and turns it on edge time ten. To play this logic/action game, you simply dig the blocks of a 3D cube and avoid the hidden skull-bombs.
You will be given the number of safe moves, in three dimensions and you must figure out the next safe tap. Simple but challenging. This amazing brain and puzzle game will blow your mind! The awesome graphics and expert design makes this the best 3D mine clearing game in the market. This fun for-all-ages logic game offer three levels and a fully functional preference menu so you can customize your gaming experience.
Twistor is a great way to stay mentally sharp by offering you a brain stimulating game that is easy to play and understand but may take you some time to fully master.
• 3D Action
• Great graphics
• Brain stimulating
• Addictive and fun
• User friendly input
• Multi-level gaming
• Beat your high score
• Customizable preferences
Twistor takes a new and dramatic twist in the classic gaming experience. Fun and addictive gaming action. Download to challenge your sense of logic and to have fun.


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