Quickly Transfer Big Files 10x faster Using Wi-Fi Direct [Android-How-To]

WiFi Direct File Transfer Tutorial

Android can be used to share content between WiFi equipped Android devices with just a simple tap. At present, Android allows for sharing of YouTube videos, Google Maps locations, sharing of images and videos and more.

The problem with Android is that it uses Bluetooth, and not Wi-Fi Direct to transfer files, which is comparatively much slower. Worse, Android only supports for sharing of pictures and videos, thus limiting the use of the feature. WiFi Direct fixes all the gripes with Android, and allows for sharing of any kind of files over Wi-Fi Direct from one Android device to Another Device.

Here’s how to use it.

1. Head over to the Settings>>Wifi Settings>>Wifi Direct.

2. Configure WiFi Direct with SSID (any name) and Password if needed.

3. Turn On WiFi direct of another Android Device.

4. Android will now establish a Wi-Fi Direct connection between the two devices.

5. Start the file transfer. Tap on any file then click share, from the options select WiFi. Since the transfer happens using Wi-Fi Direct, even transferring large files should take mere seconds.


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