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Simple, intuitively and elegantly designed, Fun Easy Learn redefines the way English is learned as a foreign language. It’s the best choice both for those who learn better visually and for those who are more responsive to additive learning.

Free Download
Our app is available totally free of charge. There is no catch and you have unrestricted access to the entire 6,000-word vocabulary. Just click the above Google Play Store – Free Download button.

Extensive Vocabulary
Our app avails a vocabulary of 6,000 words for you to learn English free. They are not randomly chosen, but carefully selected and logically categorized into more than 140 thematic topics.

5 Learning Components
For each word, you have the English word in print, its professional translation into your native language, word pronunciation, phonetic transcription and an accompanying image illustrating that word in a descriptive manner.

140 Thematic Topics
While other apps for learning English may be restricted to a limited number of thematic topics, our software comprises 140 topics covering a wide range of everyday situations.

3 Difficulty Levels
There are 3 levels of difficulty, for beginners, intermediate learners, and advanced students. The Beginner level comprises 1,000 words of vocabulary. After mastering these, the Intermediate level unlocks, giving you access to another 2,000 words. Finally, upon completion of the Intermediate level, the Advanced level will unlock with yet a further 3,000 words.

Unique Learning Games
Our learning games are not only unique, but also make language learning a lot of fun. There is a wide variety of games available, ranging from “Vocabulary” to “Match Words”, “Write Word”, “Listen & Choose” and many others.

Spin Categories
Learning English vocabulary is even more fun if you can do so in an entertaining manner. Our app can choose a topic, sub-topic and associated learning game at random by way of a “Spin Categories” feature.

Many Languages
All the words of the app were translated in the following languages: Turkish, Korean, Russian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, Ukrainian, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Polish, Italian, Romanian, Japanese, Hindi, Indonesian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Greek, Czech, Brazilian Portuguese etc. So you can choose your native language in order to Learn English Vocabulary.


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