Fun, cute and addictive game! It's SQUIRLY!


Are you looking for a fun, addictive and challenging game that will put a smile on your face and transform you to another world? Do you want to be impressed by amazing 2.5D graphics, fast and unique gameplay, quirky sound effects, and unforgettable characters? Would you like to see how you stack up against your friends and other players around the world?

Then you’ll LOVE Squirly – guaranteed to make you go nuts!

***About Squirly*** 
This is a delightful all-ages squirrel game about a cheerful little flying squirrel – aptly named “Squirly” – who lives in a magical and happy forest with his other squirrel friends. One day, he’s suddenly swooped up by an angry bird. Bravely, Squirly manages to fight himself loose – except that instead of falling back into his forest home, he’s plunged into an unfamiliar jungle full of snakes and monkeys!
Your task is to help Squirly dodge the snakes, monkeys and big tree branches, so that he can escape the jungle and make his way back to the magical and happy forest -- where he’ll be reunited with his squirrel friends and other squirrels.

***Amazing Gameplay & Graphics*** 
Squirly has been carefully designed for quick, unique gameplay for a never before seen squirrel game! The game includes a skill-based based bonus structure – which means you’ll enjoy more diversity, and never get bored. Plus, the great 2.5D graphics will immerse you in another world and delight your senses!

***Get Special Powers*** 
Dodging snakes, monkeys and branches is difficult work! Squirly is a hungry squirrel looking for food in the jungle. Fortunately, you can help Squirly collect nuts in the forest and gain points – you might even find a rare golden nut which is worth a small fortune!

***Mini-Missions, Powers & Effects*** 
Plus, if you really pay attention and are lucky, you’ll come across a SPECIAL BOX in the forest that sends Squirly on random mini missions, and gives him super powers and cool effects. Still not going nuts? There’s even more!

***Personalize Squirly*** 
The app automatically creates either a female or male Squirly based on your gender. How cool is that?

***Get Social*** 
Keep up with your friends and brag about your accomplishments by accessing the app’s integrated social sharing function.

***Compete and Climb the Ranks*** 
Think you’ve got what it takes to rise about the crowd and be among the best? Prove it by competing against your friends and other users worldwide.

*** Squirly is for EVERYONE!*** 
Whether you’re 7 or 77, Squirly is for everyone, unlike other games like Talking James Squirrel and Noogra Nuts! Squirly is fun, fast and fantastic. Will YOU be the one who helps Squirly find his way back home? Download the app now and find out!

***Comments? Questions?*** 
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