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Problem Description

Have you ever stuck in wired Android WiFi situations:

  • Obtaining IP Address
  • Android Wifi not working
  • WiFi Hangs.
  • Android Wifi disconnect loop
  • Wifi unable to turn green (not able to switch on)

Solutions 1 (Switch from DHCP to Static IP)

The most common solution of resolving android WiFi problems is to setup a static IP so that it won't be dependent on DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol aka Auto Wifi IP distribution)

Solutions 2 (Fix hooks permissions) 

This step will work only on rooted devices!!
If you don't want to set static IP then you would need to give write access to the "dhcpcd-run-hooks" file so that it can record the new ip assigned by WiFi router.

To to that you install ES file explorer or any other root explorer and go to the following directory.

system/etc/dhcpcd/dhcpcd-run-hooks needs to have permissions fixed to "execute" by "user" "group" and "others" by using your favorite file explorer.

Restart your device

Solutions 3 (WiFi Power Save Mode)

quick-fix, simply dial “*#0011#” on your dialer.

Hit the Menu button and choose “WiFi”.  You will see that “WiFi Power Save Mode” in ON, simply turn it OFF by hitting the button.  After that, your WiFi should work fine.  Now, if you reboot your phone you will have to do this again.

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