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iPassion is a brand new, free app for couples that'll let partners explore each other's sexual interests - and compete to see who knows best!

---- The BEST APP for COUPLES ever! ----
Congratulations! You're about to get to know your partner much better and your partner will get to know alot about you...
- Find out how well you know each other
- Discover what your partner like, dislike and how to rub him/her the right way
- Whoever knows best gets to select an awesome prize by the end of each round
Our users absolutely LOVE the game and there's nothing like it. Increase the fun and intimacy with your partner right now!
Download, signup and select your partner. Then wait for your partner to do the same - and then you can start the game.
This is how the game works:
- You answer 2 questions about your own preferences, likes, dislikes etc.
- Your partner then has to guess your answers and see if he/she was right - and the other way around
- For every right answer, you get 10 points
- First to 100 points wins - and gets to select an awesome prize


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